What every couple needs to know before booking their wedding photographer!

Eek! It’s so exciting! Ring on finger? Check! Venue booked? Check! 

So, now there’s a small matter of choosing a photographer. How hard can it be, right? Let’s just have a lil’ Google….

Oooo. Not so easy afterall…it’s overwhelming, with so many to choose from, so many apparent styles to decide upon, lots of different services, sold in tons of different ways, why oh why can’t it all be more straightforward?! How on earth do you choose your photographer?!

So to reduce that particular tension headache I’ve put together a free wedding photography guide on everything you need to know how how to choose the right wedding photographer for your day!

Download my FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE to find out everything you need to know on how to choose the right Photographer for YOUR WEDDING DAY

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