What's your style?....

You didn’t realise this was such an issue… the style of photography you want. Not only do you need to find a photographer who’s free on your date, prepared to travel to the location and not way over budget, now you need someone to fulfill your style criteria?!? And you didn’t even realised you had one!!


So to reduce that particular tension headache, here’s a brief glossary of terms to get you de-coding in no time…


Traditional - The ‘traditional’ photographer will tend to have a very formal approach to the day. Usually working to a long list of ‘must have’ shots, captured at very specific times of the day. The images will be highly posed and the photographer will be very much hands-on constantly at the helm, organisingindividuals into set grouped shots. Although this style may appeal to Great Aunty Jean or Grandpa Joe the resulting images will be stiff & rigid and lacking the excitement and real emotions that are part of today’s wedding ceremonies. It’s safe to say this style has fallen in popularity dramatically in recent years.


Contemporary - The photographer will have a much more relaxed approach to the day. A bit like the traditional style, the images will be posed, but with a much more informal approach and sometimes with a degree of spontaneity and fun... Although the resulting images might not look out of place in a fashion magazine, you will be spending a lot of time with your photographer on the day resulting in you missing out a lot of time when you can be catching up on family and friends and actually living your day.


Reportage – The most widely asked-for style today… and for good reason. If you’re someone who wants their wedding day to unfold in a relaxed and enjoyable day for all and have natural images that hold the power to stir up emotions around your day for years to come....then this style is likely to be your first port of call.


Also known as photojournalistic or documentary style, the photographer will have a more hands-off approach to your big day... working unobtrusively in the background the photographer will capturing real moments as they happen as opposed to creating them. Most reportage style photographers will set aside 15-20 mins to capture a few family group shots and some bride & groom portraits. - this will allow a lot of freedom for the bride & groom to get on and enjoy their big day.


One small word of warning… the increase in demand for this buzz word ‘reportage’ has seen many photographers from other styles slap on the term to their websites and promotion… but true reportage is a style you’ll learn to recognise: Honest, relaxed, beautiful… photos that simply make you smile.

About the author.... Clive is a wedding photographer who captures your day as it happens. But these aren’t snapshots, oh no. With years of experience in photojournalism gives him the ability to seek out the images, anticipating them before they occur. He can promise you images that are artistic, beautifully crafted and ones that will hold the power to stir up emotions around your day for years to come.... if this sounds like the type of wedding photography for your big day, head on over to the contact page and get in touch!