How NOT to choose a photographer...

Eek! It’s so exciting! Ring on finger? Check! Venue booked? Check! 

So, now there’s a small matter of choosing a photographer. How hard can it be, right? Let’s just have a lil’ Google….

Oooo. Not so easy afterall… it’s overwhelming, so many to choose from, so many apparent styles to decide upon, lots of different services, sold in tons of different ways, why oh why can’t it all be more straightforward?! How on earth do you choose your photographer?!

Well, let’s just start with, how not to choose one…


“I know a friend with a camera”

That friend of yours with a good camera, whose Facebook page is littered with gorgeous photos of their kids… he’d do it for free!!!

This may seem like a great way to save money....but think again if you really want those natural emotion-provoking images you envision. 

Weddings are a one-off occasion; you don’t get a second chance to capture these all important moments. Not ever.  

By choosing a professional you can relax in the knowledge that they’ll be able to anticipate and be prepared for whatever the day throws at him and will be able to consistently produce great images no matter what.... it’s simply one less thing for you to worry about. 



“Wow, now that’s a bargain!”

Photographer A is offering twice as many images as photographer B but for less than half the price! 

Be warned…. some budget photographers will offer a ‘shoot & burn’ - when all the images of the day are burned straight on to CD without any editing or post-processing. This can be super cheap - for a reason. You will end up with images where bad lighting is not corrected, distracted elements not removed and images that just lacking that umph in colour & tones. In essence, the detailing that makes them professional.

A good photographer will take the time to edit and bring to life each image individually so you will love them and be proud to hang them on your walls and look back on them in years to come. Having 100’s of images you hate is not a bargain! 


“They’ve been recommended by the venue”

Many venues will charge a fee and take a commission from a photographer to have them on their ‘preferred vendor’ list. However this is not always the case...some will happily recommend great photographers because they love their work and have built up a good business relationship with them over the years. Be blunt, ask them straight about the arrangement and hopefully they’ll ‘fess up either way. 


“They’ve got a great looking website and I love their images”

Brilliant! This is a great starting point, however it shouldn’t be the only reason you book this photographer. Give them a call and book an appointment to meet them in person… If distance is an issue, arrange a time for an over-the-phone consultation or Skype them. Any photographer hesitant about this should probably be given a wide swerve. 

The photographer you book to shoot your wedding is going to be spending a lot of time around you and your loved ones on one of the most important days of your life.... so not only should you love their images, it’s vital you actually like, trust and get along with them.


“He can shoot all styles; modern, traditional, reportage...whatever you want!”

Remember the old saying goes, ‘jack of all trades, master of none”.... ? Exactly. 

Whatever style you prefer, make sure that this is the style that comes across visually in all of the photographers’ work. I highly recommend you see at least a few full weddings from the photographers you like the look of.... a great album should visually have a strong sense of style throughout. 



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About the author.... Clive is a wedding photographer who captures your day as it happens. But these aren’t snapshots, oh no. With years of experience in photojournalism gives him the ability to seek out the images, anticipating them before they occur. He can promise you images that are artistic, beautifully crafted and ones that will hold the power to stir up emotions around your day for years to come.... if this sounds like the type of wedding photography for your big day, head on over to the contact page and get in touch!