5 reasons why you should not book an amateur photographer?

So, you’ve finally decided the time’s right. At first the thought of planning your wedding was nothing but exciting. Now those butterflies of excitement have been replaced by ones of horror – what???? How much????

Why is it, you ask yourself daily, that everything to do with weddings is so darn expensive?! A cake costs hundreds, for one dress you’re talking thousands…

Naturally you want to cut corners, save money where you can. Uncle Bobs’ got a camera, Jamie’s friend Darren’s into photography… surely one of them wouldn’t mind getting the photos, that would save loads on a photographer….

Sorry, and don’t shoot the messenger, but please do think twice… We know Uncle Bob is one helluva guy an’ all, and Darren, he took some half decent holiday snaps this year, but guys this is your wedding!!

Here are 5 reasons to not dump the photographer…

1 Regret – What’s the number one regret of couples after their wedding? Not investing in the main tangible thing that lasts beyond the day itself… the photos. 

2 Experience – When you pay a professional, you’re paying for their experience. Remember Bob and Darren? How many weddings have they shot before? Hmmm, thought so. Weddings are fast- paced, high emotion events, where family comes first and last minute changes are frequent… without the right experience even confident photographers from other genres will struggle. 

3 BIG moments - Not only is there a chance an amateur will mess up and miss some of the crucial moments of the day...that first kiss, your walk down the aisle and the crucial first dance...but what about all those magical off the cuff moments when Aunty Jane let loose on the dance floor, or when baby Edward scoffed the icing from the wedding cake...? A good professional knows the massive meaning of these tiny incidents, and will capture them for you to feast on for years to come.

4 Professionalism – A decent wedding photographer will have the professionalism to truly understand their role on the day; they don’t run the show, nobody wants to hear their jokes, they don’t drink, smoke and always looks smart – fitting seamlessly into the day, quietly and confidently. 

5 Reliability - A professional photographer’s work is their livelihood...not only have they invested thousands of pounds into their business but they must earn a living from it...so each and every wedding they shoot their reputation is at stake. The service they offer must be excellent, from the initial meeting, to delivering the images on time – if not they’re simply not doing their job.


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About the author.... Clive is a wedding photographer who captures your day as it happens. But these aren’t snapshots, oh no. With years of experience in photojournalism gives him the ability to seek out the images, anticipating them before they occur. He can promise you images that are artistic, beautifully crafted and ones that will hold the power to stir up emotions around your day for years to come.... if this sounds like the type of wedding photography for your big day, head on over to the contact page and get in touch!